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GDRL - n efficient hot air cupola
GDRL - n type high efficient hot air cupola has a double heat transfer, the characteristics of the stratified air supply. Hot blast stove gallbladder, is convenient to replace the hot metal temperature, environmental protection, high efficiency, high section, coke, etc.
The product design is unique, novel structure of heat transfer and air supply mode can make the bottom exhaust confession wind temperature of 400 ℃, under the condition of the layer of coke ratio 1:10, above 1500 ℃ high temperature molten iron quality can be obtained. Compared with ordinary cupola, temperature of 50-100 degrees Celsius, coke by more than 20%. Small hot bile life is more than 4000 hours, with low cost, high temperature, coke, high-quality, low emission and high technical requirements. By the casting forging machinery quality inspection center, the various performance indicators have reached domestic advanced technology level. GDRL - n type high efficient hot air cupola has spread to dozens of provinces and cities nationwide, by a great number of users to choose, all made significant economic and social benefits.
WRLL - n long application in hot water
WRLL - n type hot blast cupola is water-cooled furnace life long my company close cooperation with related universities, institutes and fully attracted Germany and Japan advanced technology developed by the success of furnace type.
The structure of the product features are: external combustion chamber, the heat exchanger. Combustion chamber and the heat exchanger ontology, the flexible connection for the whole structure is compact. Heat exchanger subject to internal and external double-layer structure, improve the heat transfer area, prolong service life. Heat exchange tube of circular structure, so the heat exchange area is large. The overall hanging structure, stainless steel expansion joint, retractile, effectively solve the problem between heat exchange tube and shell heat. Outside the furnace structure for spray water cone type furnace shell, no lining or thin lining, plug-in water-cooled tuyere. This type furnace can improve the hot metal temperature, decrease of carbon monoxide emissions, energy conservation, environmental protection, such as performance, its technical level reached the international level of the cupola melting.

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