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Pouring equipment

Pouring equipment is mainly used in steel mills, foundries in front of the open hearth furnace, furnace, or converter molten steel, hot metal, such as aluminium casting operations.
My company production of casting equipment transmission device adopts the safe and reliable turbine, turbine gear department USES the bronze casting, the worm USES the quenched and tempered 45 # copper processing. Machining precision, the design is reasonable, effective avoid using "kowtow" phenomenon in the process of hot metal ladle.
Pouring equipment Is made of high qualified steel plate CNC plate cutting, effectively guarantee the equipment use security. Pouring equipment added a unique spray device, effectively prevent the studio iron liquid from entering the deceleration within the chassis. Now realize streamline operations, CNC cutting, CNC welding, professional machine tool processing, standard parts, professional installation.
The company is equipped with all kinds of casting equipment and its accessories spot, can at any time for customers to provide quality low-cost casting equipment.
Mainly include: insulation bales of non-standard pouring ladle molten ductile iron teapot packages in automotive aluminum pouring water lifting package bag accessories

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