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Enterprise Culture

Core values - to create value, the pursuit of excellence

Create value:

Create value for customers, to provide customers high quality products and services. Create value for the company, strengthen the continued development of the company.

Create value for employees, respect and help employees to realize self value. Create value for society, the pursuit of the company and the harmonious development of the society and the environment.

The pursuit of excellence:

Creating excellent team, build a good moral character, full of passion, performance excellent staff team.

Excellence in management, deepen the management innovation and change, improve enterprise management quality.

Provide excellent service, adhere to customer first, meet the needs of customers and society increasingly.

Technology excellence, strengthen independent innovation, to improve the company's core competitiveness.

Create excellence performance, incentive enterprises and employees to create high performance, the pursuit of high performance.

Culture of excellence and cultivate unique, reflect humanistic care of corporate culture.

Code of conduct - to be: honesty, cooperation, good at learning; Do things seriously, innovation, the pursuit of excellence

Integrity: abide by the laws, regulations and rules and regulations, abide by the employee code of conduct and establish a good image and reputation for the company.

Cooperation: focus on the goal and overall interests, and the company internal and external staff work together to achieve company goals.

Good at learning: keep an open attitude, serious and learn the experience and strengths of others.

Seriously: with a high degree of professionalism, strong sense of professionalism and consistent professional attitude towards work, quality and efficient completion of various tasks.
Innovation: not conformism, break through the conventional thinking and even create new ideas, new mechanisms, new technologies, new business, dare to change, the courage to explore.

The pursuit of excellence: stick to the concept of high performance targets and continuous improvement work, don't do it but it will be into dry.

Honorary certificate

Qingdao days casting environmental protection equipment co., LTD. Technology products to the domestic industry, similar products leading level, independent research and development of products to fill the domestic blank. Expanding product lines at the same time, continue to expand overseas business! Now with countries to establish friendly relations of cooperation! Constantly forge ahead on the way, my company also won praise from all walks of life! Honor is invisible, also is the social the affirmation of the work for us, we will continue to forge ahead! More high quality service and products to serve the society!