Recruitment Information

  Day the cast of the code of conduct - to be: honesty, cooperation, good at learning; Do things seriously, innovation, the pursuit of excellence

  Integrity: abide by the laws, regulations and rules and regulations, abide by the employee code of conduct and establish a good image and reputation for the company.

  Cooperation: focus on the goal and overall interests, and the company internal and external staff work together to achieve company goals.

  Good at learning: keep an open attitude, serious and learn the experience and strengths of others.

  Seriously: with a high degree of professionalism, strong sense of professionalism and consistent professional attitude towards work, quality and efficient completion of various tasks.

  Innovation: not conformism, break through the conventional thinking and even create new ideas, new technology, new business, dare to change, the courage to explore.

  The pursuit of excellence: stick to the concept of high performance targets and continuous improvement work, don't do it but it will be into dry.