Qingdao days casting environmental protection equipment co., LTD., adhering to the "integrity-based, customer first" service concept and "take the customer as the center" service guiding ideology, not only sincerely to provide users with advanced, high-quality products, more users to provide quality and efficient service. "Best, perfect" is our solemnly service to the users of the nation's promise. Companies adhere to the service concept and service guiding ideology, to provide customers with satisfactory after-sales service.

Honesty: is it a day of casting formed in the long-term production and business operation activities of enterprise morality, embodies the principle of the core values of integrity, honest, and trustworthy is our company in all business activities must follow the code of ethics, and steadily promote the company's social status and stable internal operation of credit standards.

The customer is supreme, is a day of casting based on years of successful marketing experience and the market values of curing, embodies the core values of the target principle, namely, listen to the voice of the customer, focus on customer demand changes, standardize enterprise behavior on customer point of view, to customer standards of enterprise's operating efficiency, our company is in an impregnable position in the market competition is the fundamental.

Committed: is a kind of subjective attitude, refers to devote herself to any job, try my best, to show high levels of responsibility.

Perfect: reflects the efficiency gains as the goal and the actual performance characteristics of the value orientation of evaluation standards for results, and the ultimate pursuit of the perfect work. "Perfection" is the goal of the "best", is the basic rule of my company's code of conduct.