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Electric furnace burden

Electric furnace burden

Electric automatic batching system (vibration charging car, rotating vibration loading)
Main equipment by the rectifier cabinet, with remote controller, electromagnetic sucker, iron steel shell wireless crane scale, display screens, electric drum, cable connector and electric vibration loading, etc. By wireless crane scale would transmit the signals to digital electronic scale steel shell and display screens, operators according to display large screen display number control electromagnetic sucker magnetic ingredients, until reach setting value (within the scope of the permit).
The main performance and features:
(1) automatic with iron material: ingredients realize batch-by-batch compensation function, newly developed according to the proportion control method of real-time computing, composition is more stable.
(2) automatically with reef: automatic relay coke, automatic focus.
(3) automatically with gold: but according to the control volume ratio automatic calculation of alloy, alloy automatic weighing, automatic error allowance.
(4) the automatic detection and control, automatic detection of air volume and air pressure.
Electric vibration loading characteristics
1, join the electric charge density is high, increasing the efficiency of electric furnace melting;
2, feeding speed, every minute can add 2 ~ 3 tons burden;
3, the noise is small, generally not more than 75 decibels;
4, greatly reduce the labor intensity.

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