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The main products of Tiancast environmental protection Baker are: vertical baker, horizontal baker, lifting baker, rotating baker, etc.

Importance and Use of Baker

Steel (iron) ladle baking is one of the important links in steelmaking process. It is mainly used for baking various steel (iron) water tanks which are newly built, cold repaired, dried, turned around and heated rapidly online. The performance of baking device has great influence on tapping temperature, steelmaking operation rate and furnace life. Ladle baking is between the two main production processes of steelmaking and continuous casting. The baking temperature of ladle plays an important role in coordinating the overall production and is more significant for continuous casting production.

The thermal energy loss of molten steel in the operation of molten steel from steelmaking process to continuous casting process is very large, of which the heat storage loss of ladle accounts for about half of the heat loss of molten steel. If the ladle baking method is not used, the thermal energy loss of molten steel can be compensated and the temperature of molten steel during pouring can be guaranteed, it is necessary to raise the tapping temperature of molten steel, but this will bring about. A series of problems. First of all, to increase tapping temperature, it is necessary to increase smelting time, increase raw material consumption, and increase the cost per ton of steel. Secondly, to speed up lining erosion and reduce furnace life. Therefore, increasing the baking temperature of ladle is of great significance to reduce tapping temperature, increase the service life of furnace body, increase steel output, reduce raw material consumption, reduce the cost per ton of steel and ensure the smooth running of continuous casting.

Applicable medium

This series of devices can be applied to various heat source media such as coke oven, converter, producer, blast furnace, mixed gas and natural gas, light diesel oil and so on, according to user factory conditions.

Technical performance

On-line baking at 800-1100 C for 30 min

Off-line baking (fast) at room temperature - 1000 1.0 - 1.5h

Off-line baking (drying) at room temperature - 800 16 - 24h

Heating rate 25 C/min

Working Principle of Self-preheating Burner

It combines burners, preheaters, ejectors and burner bricks together organically. It can improve the theoretical combustion temperature of fuel, and has the characteristics of compact structure, high thermal efficiency and remarkable energy saving. It is necessary to preheat air and gas for the use of low calorific value gas. Otherwise, it will not meet the requirements of baking process. The burner is very suitable for blast furnace and generator gas with low calorific value.

Principle and characteristics of regenerative burner

High-efficiency ceramic regenerative oven system adopts semi-enclosed baking mode and high frequency reversing device to alternately pass high-temperature exhaust gas and combustion-supporting air and gas in ceramic regenerator. Full heat exchange is carried out between them, so that combustion-supporting air and gas can be preheated to about 1000 C, and their enthalpy can be increased to achieve stability, high efficiency and high efficiency. Energy saving combustion.

The burner and regenerator of the system are arranged on the ladle cover in pairs, and the high temperature section of the regenerator is buried in the cover to reduce the heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency. When one of the two burners is in the combustion state, the other burner is in the regenerative state. The high temperature flue gas flows through the regenerator through the burner nozzle in the regenerative state. After the regenerator is heated, the high temperature flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the reversing valve and the exhaust system at the temperature of 100-150 C. After reaching the set time or temperature, the two groups of burners exchange their working status, air (gas) flows through the heated regenerator, and the combustion process is completed by injecting the burner nozzle into the ladle to realize the heating of the ladle.

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